The Nordic Model in Practice

Swedish policeman Jonas Henriksen gave a very interesting and practical talk in Cork on 15 June 2015, under the auspices of the Immigrant Council of Ireland. He gave an ‘on-the-ground’ account of how the Stockholm Police enforce the Swedish law which criminalizes the buying rather than the selling of sex. He began by outlining the […]


Harrassment of Anti-Trafficking Campaigner

Those who campaign against trafficking and prostitution are frequently subject to outrageous harassment. A quite shocking example of this is the moving account given by Rachel Moran in a full page of the Irish Times Weekend Review of 30 May 2015. Rachel was herself drawn into prostitution when she was fifteen years old and it […]


Margaret Archer on Victims’ Rights

Margaret Archer is a professor in Warwick University in the UK. She is also the president of the Academy of Social Sciences which is one of the Vatican “think-tanks” made up of distinguished lay academic people like herself; they help the official Catholic Church to develop realistic teaching on current social issues. Professor Archer recalls […]

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