Irish Law to End Demand Progresses

A further positive step for anti-human trafficking activists today as the Sexual Offences Bill passed the committee stage of the Dáil. This Bill, once enacted, will introduce essential Nordic Model provisions to target the demand for the sex trade while decriminalising those who sell sex. Such a law has had great success in reducing the […]


APT Encouraged by Important Assembly in Rome

The recent 5-day meeting in Rome of representatives from 27 countries of Europe to address issues related to human trafficking has been as source of great encouragement and inspiration to us all. APT is one of the agencies that was involved, back in 2009 in the creation of a Network of women religious and their […]


New Funding for Anti-Trafficking Projects

The UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced that the UK government is allocating £14 million (roughly €15,000,000) to tackle people trafficking. She made this announcement during her speech at a gathering last week in Rome of the anti-trafficking body of police chiefs and church leaders called ‘The Santa Marta Group.’ This group was set up […]


EU Anti-Trafficking Day

Since 2007, European Anti-Trafficking Day has been marked by the European Commission, as well as activists and organisations across Europe working against this crime, on October 18th. This is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the suffering of those who are exploited by ruthless criminals, and respond to the call to take action to stop this abuse. […]

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