From the Bann to the Boyne

On Sunday 26th April, Fr. Gerry Campbell will begin a 105km run through the diocese of Armagh. Over four days, Fr. Gerry will run from the Bann to the Boyne to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Ireland and highlight the work of APT. This week, Archbishop Eamon Martin lent his support for this initiative […]


Supporting Survivors of Child Trafficking

One of the challenges in rescuing young people who have become victims of traffickers is finding ways in which those who have escaped can find work to support themselves. A new initiative by a UK gift and homeware company offers an important step towards a solution to this issue. “Little Trove” is a Fair Trade […]


Why Did Pope Francis become so Committed on the Issue of Trafficking?

In an interesting column in The National Catholic Reporter, of March 20, 2015, the U.S. Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese provides some background on how Pope Francis became so committed on the issue of the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation. Reese recalls that when the pope was still Archbishop Bergoglio in Argentina he ‘heard mothers worry […]


APT Tool Kit

“We cannot be complacent and think that this is an issue which does not really affect us here in Ireland.” In her address to the Garda conference on human trafficking last year, Minister Frances Fitzgerald highlighted the importance of education and awareness in tackling this crime. In our work to raise awareness of this issue, […]

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