Swedish Green Party MEP Defends Nordic Model

Linnéa Engström, who is a Swedish member of the European Parliament, puts forward a strong case for the wider adoption of what is called the “Nordic Model” as the most effective way of combatting human trafficking. This approach was adopted in Sweden nearly twenty years ago. What it involves is that those who purchase sexual services are criminalized, rather than […]


A Collaborative Project to Fight Trafficking

The reality and complexity of human trafficking was outlined to a gathering of 850 members of the leadership of women’s religious congregations, at their meeting in Rome on 10 May. The speaker was Sister Gabriella Bottani, an Italian Comboni Missionary Sister. Gabriella is the head of the project *Talitha Kum* which is an inter-congregational project, born under the aegis of […]


Child Trafficking: A Global Response

Every year, millions of children are trafficked, forced into hard labour, prostitution, and recruited as child soldiers. UNICEF estimates that the commercial sex trade victimises over 2 million children every year. Most of the child trafficking takes place in East Asia and the Pacific. In South East Asia, the majority of trafficking is a result of debt bondage. In Europe, […]


Reflections from the Philippines

I drove from Olongapo City to Subic town recently and pointed to the journalist the row of shuttered, dilapidated and closed-down sex bars that lined the road at Calapandayan, Subic. It is evidence of the success of an anti-trafficking operation conducted by the Preda Foundation social workers with the help of the Philippine police and an agent of the […]

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