Human Trafficking in Rwanda

We are becoming more aware of the extent of the world-wide criminal activity of human trafficking. Recent news posted by APA tells us that Rwandan police have arrested at least 150 people in connection with the kidnapping of young girls and forcing them into prostitution in various countries. This action follows the instruction of President […]


TORL Campaign

APT continues to be an active member of TORL (Turn Off the Red Light), committed to the adoption of the Nordic Model in Irish legislation and the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in order to combat the trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation. Currently, women in prostitution in Ireland are criminalised despite the […]


Norway’s Ban on Purchasing Sex: Report Shows Positive Outcome

Five years after the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in Norway, the Norwegian Government has published a report on the impact of the law on the market for sex and the sexual exploitation of those involved in this trade. The findings show that the demand for sex has reduced since 2009. Attitudes towards buying […]


World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Today is the first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Today, we are called to reflect on the implications of this criminal activity for the tens of millions of men, women, and children who are enslaved and traded around the world. We are challenged to think about what we can do to show solidarity with […]


Response from Amnesty International: Campaign to Legalise Prostitution

Amnesty International has sent us an update on their global consultation on the proposed adoption of a policy on the decriminalisation of sex work. This update is in response to our input on the views of APT to their proposal to decriminalise the buyers of sex. Fiona Crowley, Research & Legal Manager, Amnesty International Ireland […]

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