Trafficking in the Philippines

A few weeks ago, 69 Vietnamese victims of human trafficking were found in the Philippines. These migrants had been brought from Vietnam two at a time on a tourist visa by a syndicate and made to work for three years on low wages or none at all by human traffickers. They were then abandoned by their gang-masters, declared indigent […]


Fact or Fiction?

As the debate about the Nordic Model – criminalising those who buy sex while decriminalising those who sell it – rages on, it is important to dispel some myths about the implications of this kind of law and the nature of the sex trade. There are certain arguments that are frequently used by pro-prostitution activists […]


MECPATHS Workshop: Building Partnerships

One of the fundamental characteristics of the trade in human beings worldwide is that it is often conducted through highly sophisticated criminal networks that span nations and continents. To counter this deplorable trade, we must also develop international networks and strive to increase collaboration between all those in society concerned about human trafficking. One of […]


Cross Border Conference on Slavery

Last week, the annual Cross Border Modern Slavery and Trafficking for Labour Exploitation Conference took place in Armagh. The purpose of this conference was to share experiences between organisations working north and south of the border to combat slavery and exploitation. The programme was packed with speakers from a broad range of organisations with diverse backgrounds. This variety reflects the […]

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