We Need Action by Men

It is a great pity that it is women who form the great majority of the campaigners on the issue of trafficking for sexual exploitation—though we must be of course grateful that a relatively small number of committed men also take up this issue. The reality is that the core of the issue is the […]


From Victims to Survivors

There is a helpful editorial written by Patrick Gaspard and published in a paper from the US embassy in South Africa.  He points out that what victims of trafficking have endured is a deprivation of their fundamental right to be free and not merely physical injury. So he argues that governments have a duty to […]


Human Trafficking in Rwanda

We are becoming more aware of the extent of the world-wide criminal activity of human trafficking. Recent news posted by APA tells us that Rwandan police have arrested at least 150 people in connection with the kidnapping of young girls and forcing them into prostitution in various countries. This action follows the instruction of President […]


TORL Campaign

APT continues to be an active member of TORL (Turn Off the Red Light), committed to the adoption of the Nordic Model in Irish legislation and the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in order to combat the trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation. Currently, women in prostitution in Ireland are criminalised despite the […]

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