Refugee Crisis

STATEMENT BY BISHOP NOEL TREANOR IN RESPONSE TO THE REFUGEE CRISIS IN SYRIA, IRAQ AND NORTH AFRICA. Taking up the appeal of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, for Parishes, religious communities and monasteries across Europe to host those fleeing war and persecution in Syria, Iraq and North Africa, I have put in place today a team comprising of representatives […]


Nancy’s Story

Here is a true story told by a woman who had been trafficked from Nigeria to Europe. She gave her name as Nancy, but that may not have been her true name. Two people came to her village in a remote part of the south of Nigeria nine years ago. They met Nancy’s parents and offered to take […]


The Nordic Model in Practice

Swedish policeman Jonas Henriksen gave a very interesting and practical talk in Cork on 15 June 2015, under the auspices of the Immigrant Council of Ireland. He gave an ‘on-the-ground’ account of how the Stockholm Police enforce the Swedish law which criminalizes the buying rather than the selling of sex. He began by outlining the […]


Harrassment of Anti-Trafficking Campaigner

Those who campaign against trafficking and prostitution are frequently subject to outrageous harassment. A quite shocking example of this is the moving account given by Rachel Moran in a full page of the Irish Times Weekend Review of 30 May 2015. Rachel was herself drawn into prostitution when she was fifteen years old and it […]

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