On the Streets of South Africa

Two young men, called Robbie and Kyle, have spent every Friday night for the past ten years, rescuing women who are victims of human trafficking in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the women they have helped is Jacqueline Freed (pictured above). She was 14 when she was kidnapped, imprisoned, and forced to take large amounts of drugs. She […]


Prostitution as Exploitation

An editorial in “*The Guardian*” newspaper reflects on the decision of the French parliament to criminalize the buying of sex. Having noted the objections and arguments put forward by those who disagree with this approach, *The Guardian* wisely finishes its editorial by saying: ‘…in all paid-for sex there is, arguably, an inherently exploitative dimension. Even if there is nominally consent, […]


The Santa Marta Group

The Santa Marta Group, founded in 2014, is an alliance of international police chiefs and Bishops from all over the world who work with civil society to eradicate human trafficking and provide pastoral care for victims. The group has representatives from 25 countries, among them Ireland. The group first came together in London at the invitation of Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop […]


France Criminalizes Buying Sex

“You don’t hire a woman like you hire a car. Our society should no longer tolerate it.” These are the words of the head of the French socialist party on 6 April 2016—the day that France eventually passed a law making it illegal to buy sex. In doing so it joined Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Northern Ireland, which have […]

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