APT Tool Kit

“We cannot be complacent and think that this is an issue which does not really affect us here in Ireland.” In her address to the Garda conference on human trafficking last year, Minister Frances Fitzgerald highlighted the importance of education and awareness in tackling this crime. In our work to raise awareness of this issue, […]


New Archbishop Tackles Trafficking

“We have a responsibility to effectively challenge and tackle trafficking which exists in Europe because wealthy countries are a source of demand for human trafficking.” These words were spoken by newly-appointed Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly in his homily at his installation in Thurles a few days ago. He noted that 21 million people at present live […]


The Numbers – Slavery’s Bottom Line

The whole issue of trafficking is a very controversial one. There are the campaigners like us in APT, and in many other organizations, who engage in raising awareness about this criminal activity—the damage it does to so many people and the enormous profits that criminals make from trafficking people into sexual slavery. There are also […]

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