In light of extent of numbers of vulnerable persons in detention, JRS UK calls on British Government to end the use of indefinite detention.

LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Victims of human trafficking are being held in indefinite detention by the British government, according to a new report by the Jesuit Refugee Service in the UK.

The JRS UK said the system used to determine whether an asylum seeker is a trafficking victim – called the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) – is not working correctly and said there are “good reasons for thinking that the Home Office’s interest in immigration control undermines the system for identifying and supporting victims, resulting in their continued detention.”    The Home Office is the government department that handles immigration. JRS UK said there was a “systematic disregard” by the department for its own rules for the protection of victims of trafficking and other forms of modern slavery, leaving a high number of vulnerable people in detention.

One cannot help but think of the parallels with Ireland’s Direct Provision when reading the report. 

 Read the full report  



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