Practical Solutions to Eradicating Human Trafficking.

At the Conference convened at the UN on 9 November 2018 entitled ”Practical Solutions to Eradicating Trafficking,” Geraldine Byrnes Nason, Chairperson of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and Kevin Hyland, Child Fund Ireland and formerly UK’s first anti-slavery commissioner, shared with us some insights into possible practical solutions to eradicating Human Trafficking.

Miss Byrnes Nason quoted Pope Francis when she said that Human Trafficking is one of the greatest human challenges facing us and that although Slavery was abolished 150 years ago that today there are more people enslaved than ever before in history. Human Trafficking knows no borders and no country can claim the exemption and that we must accept our “collective shame” that we need to address this with practical solutions. To quote Edmund Burke, “slavery is a weed that grows in every soil”.

Credited with the impetus for this conference “Practical Solutions to Eradicate Human Trafficking,”  Kevin Hyland asked ”what of our failing stewardship? Our climate is failing and this feeds into trafficking. A culture of “what’s in it for me as opposed to what can I do for you?” is more noticeable now.  Are modern slavery and human trafficking a by-product of the increasingly aggressive world that we live in?  In our disposable society, people are now disposable.”

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