Advent reflections which focus on how we can play our part in combating Human Trafficking.

Advent 2018 week three biodiversity

This Advent season, we welcome you to join the APT/AMRI family as we quiet our hearts and still our minds to prepare the way for the Lord. 

Our responsibilities to combat human trafficking can be achieved through a myriad of ways, many of which call for simple changes in lifestyles and attitudes. For example, our demand for cheap goods, cheap clothing, cheap foods such as seafood etc. in turn has fed into the human trafficking and exploitation arena in sourcing cheap labour- each of us can make a difference by minimising our consumerism and ‘possession obsession!’

Please find below resources for Advent prepared by the CWM (Council for World Mission- a partnership of Churches in Mission): Advent Reflections 2018 from CWM Council for World Mission a Partnership of Churches in Mission

Our friends at The Future We Need group (FWN) together with have prepared a series of leaflets to guide us through the season of Advent. Below are resources from the FWN for the forthcoming fortnight, more will feature next week.   

Advent 2018 Week 1 Rights of Nature final

Advent 2018 Week 2 Consumerism final


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