Do Disturb; Radio documentary on anti-human trafficking in Ireland.

This week’s radio documentary on Newstalk 106 – 108FM is called ‘_Do
Radio documentary maker Patricia Baker looks at one of the world’s
largest humanitarian crises; trafficking in human beings, THB, referred to as
modern-day slavery. Ireland is not immune to this global problem. Human
trafficking is a growing criminal activity and justice issue in Ireland.
The need for public awareness is paramount. The statistics are
frightening. And an Irish charity called MECPATHS has taken to
addressing the issue.

_Do Disturb_ airs Sunday 05/07/2020 at 7am and repeated Saturday
11/07/2020 at 9pm

For further information and an advance preview copy of the documentary,
please contact Patricia Baker, Curious Broadcast at
patricia@curiousbroadcastcom or 087 830 8046


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