Passing on the mantle at APT/AMRI!

After several years as Chairperson of APT/AMRI, Mairin McDonough joyfully handed over the mantle of stewardship to Liz Byrne, IBVM.

The entire APT/AMRI membership gathered at the start of the year, to mark the handover from Mairin to Liz, during the main meeting and expressed sincere & heartfelt gratitude to Mairin for her dedication and visionary leadership as APT/AMRI continued in its work to raise awareness about the heinous crime of Modern Slavery.  Exemplifying the warmth and care which we are called to have for the victims and survivors of human trafficking, Mairin’s gentle and calm disposition oversaw meetings that reflected back the very same qualities exuded from the person at the helm!

Liz Byrne has ably and seamlessly assumed the role of Chairperson and all wish Liz the very best as she leads us forward, continuing the work of all who have gone before.

Given the darkness of the world of Human Trafficking, perhaps the following poem might inspire us.

Someone I loved

Once gave me

a box full of


It took me years

to understand

that this, too,

was a gift.

(Mary Oliver).







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