Saving Women from Human Trafficking- Eilis Coe, rsc.

The 1 March 2021 edition of Ireland’s national magazine, The Woman’s Way, features an informative and thought-provoking feature entitled ”Saving Women from Human Trafficking.”

Ranging back through the early years when Eilis volunteered in outreach, right through to her contemporary work in advocacy, awareness-raising, human trafficking prevention, and assistance to survivors, the reader gains an insight into how the crime of human trafficking and exploitation has found its way to Ireland and how we are not addressing the realities as we must.

“I really believe that the population as a whole, needs to be much more aware,” Eilis says. “Demand needs to be driven down and the fact that it (buying sex) is so widespread needs to be addressed. I would encourage people to keep their eyes open and report if they see anything happening on the street, in an apartment block or even in a hotel (many hotels have an anti-trafficking policy, so these are the hotels to support). ”

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