Resources 16 Days Activism against Gender Based Violence, 2017.

schoolFor Students and Community Groups

16Days Activism against Gender Based Violence – 32 page compilation of daily activities 201

The Psychological Impact on the Trafficked Person by Eimear Burke
Life Orientation Syllabus for South African Secondary Schools
The Demand for Sex Trafficking download Powerpoint presentation on a key problem of trafficking.

ethiopian crossTheological Reflection

Pope Francis on Slavery and Trafficking by Donal Dorr

Sexuality and Justice by Suzanne Mulligan

Sexuality and the Good of Human Relationships by Suzanne Mulligan

A Spirituality of Sexual Intimacy by Donal Dorr

Interfaith Cooperation against  Human Trafficking by Dr. Maura O’Donohue

Key Issues in Catholic Social Teaching – download powerpoint presentation by Donal Dorr

Prophetic Ministry as Basis for Catholic Social Teaching – download Powerpoint Presentation by Donal Dorr

A Spirituality of Human Rights – download Powerpoint Presentation by Donal Dorr, 652 kb

or A Spirituality of Human Rights – download Microsoft Word Document by Donal Dorr, 38 kb


candlesPrayer Resources

Advent Partners in Faith PowerPoint Sean Goan Dec 2017.

Advent Reflection Guide 2017_0 from the Mary Knoll Sisters USA

Prayer to end Human Trafficking

Prayer for Women Trapped by Traffickers

Prayer Service against Human Trafficking

Reflection by Eilis Coe

Prayer for Creation Time


lawThe Legal Situation

The Legal Quagmire by Hilkka Becker

The Swedish Initiative by Stellan Hermansson