STOP TRAFFICKING Newsletter -June 2020 edition.

Under the three categories Awareness, Advocacy and Action, the June edition of this newsy and informative Newsletter, is crammed with information and ideas that is sure to uplift.

Leading with the Art Works for Freedom project, which engages art in all its forms to raise awareness about Human Trafficking, the newsletter shares about another participative art initiative Golden Doors to Freedom which turns abandoned doors into vehicles for drawing awareness to human trafficking. Airports to Freedom, a multi-media project of ArtWorks for Freedom, takes advantage of the fact that most airline travellers, spend an average of 60-90 minutes in an airport, and shines a light on the crime of Human Trafficking to this audience.

Art Therapies constitute the bulk of the information under the Advocacy category and under the Action category, you can read Jatia’s  story of abuse and survival; Survivors Ink, an initiative which helps victims recover from being branded by their traffickers, through disguising the brands with colourful and uplifting symbols which help detract from the reminders which the original scarring causes.

There’s information about Art to Healing, an international team of volunteers who are specialist trauma-informed practitioners, therapists and researchers dedicated to the psychological and emotional recovery of children and women who have experienced child sex slavery, exploitation and sexual abuse.

The publication ‘’Art Therapy Treatment with Sex Trafficking Survivors; Facilitating Empowerment, Recovery and Hope, (2019), by Mary K. Kometiani, introduces and researches Art Therapy as a creative and effective treatment for survivors of Human Sex Trafficking.

And on page 8, you can click the link to view a short video on how a survivor of trafficking uses theatre to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.

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