STOP Trafficking September issue focuses on Child Trafficking globally.

Stop Trafficking.  Want to know more about Child Trafficking globally? Then your best option is to access the September 2019 issue of Stop Trafficking which is available at the following link: To access and download, click on the ‘photo’ of the first page or click the ‘current issue’ link.

Brace yourself for the issue as it comprehensively reviews the extent of Child Trafficking globally.

The backdrop to the exploitation of Filipino children sets the tone and is followed by features on  Child Sex Tourism; the concept of ‘’Predators;’’ How Children bond with their traffickers; the potential dangers to children of hanging out online and more.

There is a particularly informative section on Safeguarding Children and the use of online apps. and alerts regarding same.

Congratulations once again to Jean Schafer, SDS, for her stellar work


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