The Gift Box Project

The Gift Box is a large walk-in piece of public art. The outside looks like a wrapped gift, covered with promises. Inside, visitors learn about the realities behind the false promises used by criminals to lure people into their net. Passers-by will be invited to spend a few minutes inside the box, reading the true stories which unwrap the truth about human trafficking. 

Reflecting on St Patrick

We have been treated like aliens. Perhaps they do not believe that we have received one and the same baptism or that we have one and the same God as Father. They think it a matter of contempt that we are Irish. (Letter: Patrick to Coroticus. Trans. Joseph Duffy)   St Patrick was only fifteen […]


Understanding Slavery through Dance

Journalist Jamie Paisley has an interesting story about the use of dance as a way of raising awareness of the devastating effects of human trafficking. Jamie spoke with the creators of a stage work about sex trafficking. The production is about as far away from Swan Lake as you can get. Michelle Sipes of the […]


Indian Sisters Fighting Trafficking

This is an edited version of a story written by Nirmala Carvalho on the Crux website about a programme to rescue children from slavery. In Mumbai, India, every two minutes, a child is prepared for sexual exploitation. For Sister Gracy Rodrigues, an Indian nun with the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity (the Canossians), the […]


Dail Passes Nordic Model Bill

Abusers beware: Ireland will close its doors to traffickers and pimps Statement by Turn Off the Red Light campaign The Sexual Offences Bill, including laws to criminalise the purchase of sex and ensure vulnerable women, children and men in prostitution can access support, has today (07.02.2017) been passed by Dáil Éireann. The 70+ partners of […]

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