18 October 2022- EU Anti-Trafficking Day. Let’s use this day to raise our voice, protect victims and fight trafficking”

The main purpose of the EU Anti-Trafficking Day is to raise awareness on trafficking in human beings and increase the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices amongst the different actors working in this field.

Numerous awareness-raising initiatives are taking place across Europe this week, ranging from the commemorative ceremony with APT members present in support at the Famine Stone, Customs House, Dublin Ireland, on 17 October 2022, an acknowledgement of famine as one of the ‘push’ factors towards Human Trafficking through to the launch of David Lohan’s publication ‘’At Freedom’s Crossroads: Making Sense of Modern Slavery,’ at St. Peter’s, Cork, on 17 October 2022, at which APT members were again in a supportive presence, to hear the author speak about Modern Slavery, together with Mary Crilly, CAHT (Cork against Human Trafficking), JP O’ Sullivan, MECPATHS, Mia de Faoite, survivor, activist & campaigner.

Further afield, there are Prayer services, seminars, UN GiftBox displays and webinars taking place across Europe, all in efforts to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.

Log into https://home-affairs.ec.europa.eu/news/18th-october-eu-anti-trafficking-day-2022-10-11_en for opportunities to access Live Conversation about Trafficking in Human Beings in Europe, speakers: Diane Schmitt, EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator & Ilias Chatzis, Head of UNODC Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section as part of online webinars taking place to mark this day.


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