Fr. Shay Cullen urges support for legislation to restrict travel by convicted paedophiles.

TDs and Senators have been urged to support a new Bill – the Sex Offences (Amendment) Bill 2018 – introduced in Dáil Éireann by Maureen O’Sullivan TD which proposes to restrict the foreign travel of convicted paedophiles. If enacted, Ireland would the first country in the EU to curtail overseas travel by convicted child sex abusers. Australia has already introduced such legislation.

Addressing a press conference in Dublin, Irish Columban missionary, Fr. Shay Cullen who has ministered in the Philippines since 1969, said the Bill if enacted “will help to curtail child abuse sex tourism and protect children in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia where child protection laws are weak or not enforced.”

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APT Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill to restrict travel of convicted paedophiles


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