At UISG Advocacy Forum, Rome, 23/24 October 2023, Women Religious advocate for victims of human trafficking, migrants and refugees

The forum held at the General Curia of the Society of Jesus in Rome, October 23-24, sought to offer a platform to help UISG sisters identify priority areas for national, regional and international advocacy that can lead to systemic change.

The forum was structured into plenary & working group sessions as an international platform for cross-sectoral networking, learning about the experiences and work of UISG sisters around the world and defining priority areas for advocacy towards a more sustainable future based on the care and dignity of all human beings and nature.

The women religious highlighted the crucial role sisters play in advocating for regenerative economies and sustainable lifestyles. They emphasized the intricate connections between the economy, climate change, and the most pressing challenges of our era, including human trafficking and migration.

The eradication of human trafficking from the global landscape is a central focus for these sisters, working at both local and global levels to address issues such as labour and sexual exploitation. According to Sister Abby Avelino, the international coordinator of “Talitha Kum,” a programme administered by UISG, profits generated from human trafficking exceed a staggering US$150 billion annually. This underscores the urgency and importance of the mission undertaken by these dedicated sisters.

“Be mindful our clothes that we’re wearing, the food we’re eating, the tea that you’re drinking: where does it is from? Child labour? Many pick the tea leaves that we drink every day,” Sister Avelino told Vatican News.

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Photo thanks to Vatican News. 


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