Collaboration is key as local communities strive to prevent Human Trafficking.

Combating a cycle of despair.

This week’s edition of The Tablet publishes a valuable feature by Ruth Gledhill, entitled ”Combating a cycle of despair.” In it, the author sets out the context in which young and impressionable girls in Nigeria and specifically, Edo State,  are easy prey for traffickers. Working from early childhood, with no prospects of any future away from the unrelenting hard labour and meagre existence, such girls are tempted with the prospects of a better life in Europe. 

The feature details the working of the GrowEdo project, a collaborative between the Dioceses of Benin, Uromi and Auchi in collaboration with the Santa Marta Group, which trains women and men from all backgrounds in how to grow crops and manage plots of land.

Prevention, Protection and Partnership are realised in this small-scale project, which is proving to be an effective means of undermining the temptation to leave the locality in order to escape poverty. 

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