Pause for Peace- 1 February, St. Brigid’s Day.

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles, but it must be taken one step at a time.” L.B.Johnson

Together, let’s all join in a Pause for Peace wherever you are.

Venue:  Solas Bhride Centre, Kildare

Time:  12.00 Mid-day

St. Brigid of Kildare and the abbesses who succeeded her were renowned as peacemakers in early Ireland.

By taking a moment to pause for peace on St. Brigid’s day we hope to send out a message that we actively oppose warfare and the proliferation of arms.
Let us be instruments of peace as we unite around the world to send out a blessing of peace.

St. Brigid Cross is the most enduring tradition associated with St. Brigid. Learn how to weave a cross at one of our two cross weaving workshops.

Time:  10.00 a.m – 11.30 p.m.

 Venue: Solas Bhríde Spirituality Centre, Tully Road

The St. Brigid’s cross is one of the most widespread customs associated with St. Brigid. Traditionally, the cross is woven on Brigid’s Eve and placed in the home, usually over the door, to bless all who come in or go out, and to gain protection of the household from fire and disease.  A celtic blessing associated with the placing of the cross over the doorway is:
“May St. Brigid bless the house……

For full itenerary of events surrounding St. Brigid, from 30 January to 7 February 2023, please visit or or ph 045 522890
Car parking facilities are available at Solas Bhride Spirituality Centre.


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