The Way of the Cross of Trafficked Victims.

Mary O’ Malley, MMM, has published a series of reflections  on the ”Way of the cross of trafficked victims,” corresponding to the 14 Ststions of the Cross reminding us of the Passion of Christ, from His condemnation by Pontius Pilate to Christ’s entombment.

Mary takes us on a journey, recounting the lived-experiences of 14 victims of human trafficking; Amina is ensnared in domestic servitude in Sudia Arabia; Betty is enslavd in a brothel in Mombasa; Jacinta is unpaid by a family in Qatar, who beat her when she seeks her earnings; Andrea, Joseph, Kamau bear the brunt of heavy construction work in the intense heat of Qatar…..

Before moving on to each ‘Station,’ we recite ”Jesus walked this path.  By the sharing of His steps, may we conform our solidarity with all trafficked people and be inspired to action.”

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