A call to protect the exploited and target the exploiters- Sex trafficking.

Law criminalising the purchase of sex is in women’s best interests- authorities need to ensure exploiters are targeted and the exploited protected. Mia de Faoite, Irish Times 28 August 2019.

‘’The purchase of sex was made a criminal offence in 2017. The legislation has gender equality as its founding principle; recognising that buying women and girls to perform sex acts is a form of exploitation and formally recognising that sexual consent cannot be purchased, because a power imbalance is immediately introduced.

The equality model decriminalised those exploited in the sex trade and is designed to criminalise and target the criminal gangs, pimps and buyers. In 2012, Gardaí testified to the Oireachtas justice committee that upwards of 40 criminal gangs were operating prostitution rackets in Ireland

Having first-hand lived experience of these people, I know their sole aim is profit, whatever the human cost. However, both logic and research tell us that disrupting demand reduces the trade in women and girls, including trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation….’’

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